Saints vs. Vikings live stream: Watch Week 1 online

The New Orleans Saints face the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on Monday Night Football in Week 1. Here’s all the info you need to watch.

The first Monday Night football game of the season is here and it’s a good one. The New Orleans Saints are taking on the Minnesota Vikings. A heavy-handed matched, the game is sure to be full of tension, close calls and maybe even, revenge. The big storyline a lot of fans are looking forward to is Adrian Peterson’s return to Minnesota.

After being released by the Vikings, Peterson made his way to the Big Easy. Since signing there, the season-opener has become all the more exciting. It’s the game where Peterson proves he’s better off and a win for the Saints will all but cement that. Most of that will depend on how well the team’s defense plays and if they can live up to their preseason hype.

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As for the Vikings, it’s their time to prove they don’t need Peterson. With rookie Dalvin Cook at the helm, there’s a sheriff in town. Their offense might not be as dynamic without Peterson or Bridgewater, but Bradford has a chance to prove himself. Their defense will also have a challenge in trying to keep up with the Saints and will be a good test at what’s to come.

The first of two Monday Night games, the Saints, and Vikings will undoubtedly be a heated match. No way you want to miss that. Speaking of not missing it, you can stream this game via WatchESPN. Since it’s on ESPN and Jon Gruden will be commentating, there’s no reason not to stream it.

Date: September 11th
Start time: 7:10 pm EST
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stadium: U.S. Bank Stadium
Live Stream: WatchESPN, FuboTV

With the first Monday night game of the season, ESPN couldn’t have picked a better matchup and it’s predicted to be a close one. With the return of Peterson, the battle of the defenses and their futures depending on it, the Saints and the Vikings is one to keep your eye on.

New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings

Headlining the first Monday Night Football game are the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings. The stakes are high for both teams in this first game including how the Vikings will fare without Adrian Peterson leading their offense and if the Saints defense will show up.

The Saints have one of the best offenses in the league but are always stifled by a poor defense. During the offseason, the team made great strides to improve their defense and they had a stellar preseason. This game will be their first outing against a first-team offense and see if they’re actually worth the hype or if it was a couple favorable preseason matchups.

As for the Vikings, they lost Adrian Peterson to New Orleans and lost some other good free agents. The team has the exact opposite problem of the Saints, though. They have an extremely talented defense, but not such a great offense. With Sam Bradford at the helm last year, the Vikings started off strong before falling flat.

This first game will be a test for both teams, heading into the regular season. A win for either team could already have playoff buzz behind it or murmurs of another mediocre season. Us football fans are always quick to jump the gun but there are a few sure-fire ways the teams can succeed.

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Keys to Victory

For the Saints, the keys to victory are pretty obvious and it’s making sure the defense shows up and plays to win. The Saints have one of the leading offenses in the NFL, but are always hampered by poor defensive play. In this first game, the Saints defense needs to show their preseason outings weren’t a fluke. Bolstered by the young guys like Marshon Lattimore, Vonn Bell, Marcus Williams and Alex Anzalone, the young guys need to step up and show they’re more than the hype.

Older guys like Cameron Jordan and A.J. Klein are going to the backbone of the defense. The veterans need to make sure they guide the younger guys and keep the defense going. There’s not much to worry about on offense even with the suspension of Snead, but the defense is going to have to play their heart out on the field.

As for the Vikings, they need to keep their offense going strong and show they’re more than just an afterthought. A lot of praise is heaped on the Vikings defense and the same could be said for their offense, but they need to help Bradford. Bradford will be entering his second year with the team and now is the time for him to prove he was worthy of the trade.

Their carousel of running backs needs to come together, but especially Dalvin Cook. Cook is their answer at running back and he needs to put up some good runs. Along with Kyle Rudolph, Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, the Vikings need to get an early head start if they plan on beating the Saints. If the offense can stay on the field and give the defense a break, the Vikings should be in good shape

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